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'Cookie Lady' finds first recipient, 22 years and 3 million cookies later

Treat The Troops was started by Jeanette Cram of Hilton Head Island, SC. She loves to bake cookies for the military men and women serving our country. Her friends, referred to as "Crumbs," help make the batter, pack the cookies, prepare the shipping and customs labels. What began in her kitchen in 1990 during the Gulf War has grown to a nationwide network of committed volunteer "crumbs" who have rallied their friends, businesses and school groups to participate and share in the good feeling of supporting the troops in harm's way. Treat The Troops is an all-volunteer organization with no salaries and no office space. See what the "crumbs" have done for our troops.

The Cookie Lady

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Jeanette Cram has baked cookies for soldiers on the front line since the Gulf War in 1990 when a letter from a soldier read by then-President George Bush gave her the idea. The soldier had asked his mom to send lots of letters and cookies. Since then Jeanette and the "crumbs" have baked 3,940,817 cookies to the troops. 
Tips for sending treats to the troops. 

Answers to common e-mail questions. 

Friends and families of deployed soldiers: We strongly encourage you to bake and send cookies, and/or form groups in your community to do so. If your soldier is already receiving packages, please do not send us a request. Instead, send us the name and address of a soldier who gets little or no mail.

We welcome your financial support for postage
Anyone who wishes to help defray out-of-pocket postage expense is welcome to send voluntary contributions. Make checks payable to Treat The Troops and mail to:

Jeanette M. Cram
22 Wing Shell Lane
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

Treat The Troops has 501 [c] [3] status from the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions are tax deductible.

(We are not able to accept donations made through third-party payment organizations.)

Jeanette M. Cram
22 Wing Shell Lane
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

Make checks payable to: Treat The Troops

Community Support
Thanks to the many people around the country who have given so graciously and generously to Treat The Troops. Not one cookie would have gotten "over there" without your financial support and the dedication of our crumbs. Thanks to the merchants who have donated supplies. 
Contact Information
Treat The Troops only sends cookies to those deployed outside of the Continental United States.

Troops are welcome to send requests for cookies. Include your APO or FPO address. 
Your expected return home date MUST BE INCLUDED! We need at least 2 months notice to be sure the cookies arrive before they return home.

Request cookies here 

(Sorry, we cannot honor requests for specific kinds of cookies--we send a variety in each box. All bags of cookies containing nuts are labeled accordingly. We are also not able to honor other allergies, such as gluten.)

(Note: Please don't send digitally signed e-mails.)

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  This website is hosted by a disabled Vietnam veteran.

  Updated 10/22/2014

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