“Thank you so much for the amazing cookies and gifts! The crew was delighted to receive them and amazed by your baking skills and generosity! Your overwhelming support amazes us and truly makes us remember why we do what we do. From the bottom of our hearts, and from the Sea and Air we THANK YOU!! Merry Christmas and a Very Healthy and Happy New Year to all of you!”

"Thank you for the great work you are doing. The cookies couldn't have come at a better time. What you are doing helps out more than you might know."

"You are truly loved among the service men and women of this country."

"Thank you so much for taking the time to bake cookies to send to the troops. My fellow Marines and I enjoyed them very much. It is always great to receive packages from home. Thank you for all the support, it is greatly appreciated." -A Marine in Iraq

"You're a wonderful maker of cookies...I took the last three boxes to the TOC and the two ECP gates. You should have heard them talking / bartering over who would get what...it was a hoot."

“To the local "crumbs"-- I need and thank you. Thanks to the Sunset Rotary of HHI, Friends of Callawassie, Island, St. Francis Thrift Shop, Long Cove Community Endowment Fund, and all the other generous people and organizations who have made financial and product contributions.”

“Every soldier deserves home-baked cookies, and I wish that I could provide them to all. We will try to fill every request. To you, our soldiers and your families, I offer my heartfelt thank you for your sacrifices and my prayers for your safe return. Many heart hugs, The Cookie Lady.”

“Somewhere way over there In the war torn foreign lands There are smiles on lonely soldiers lips With homemade cookies in their hands. They are tokens from a dear caring soul Who toils lovingly day by day To give a sweet taste of home While they're so far away. Her labor of love reaches out So far across the sea To tell our soldiers that someone cares While they serve faithfully. I'm sure the load they've been called to bear Seems a little lighter on the day That they receive the cookies from a heart of love From one so far away. And I'm sure the Cookie Lady As well as every loyal "Crumb" Are thrilled to know they've blessed our troops Until back home they come.” -George H. Randall 2007