The Book “Soldiers, Cookies & the Crumbs” The Story of Treat the Troops

By Jeanette Cram

"Send cookies and letters," wrote a young soldier to his mother, never realizing that President George H. W. Bush would read his letter in a televised speech on September 11, 1990. That one sentence inspired Jeanette Cram to begin baking cookies for deployed soldiers. Soldiers, Cookies & the Crumbs tells the story of Treat the Troops, which, begun by Jeanette, now includes hundreds of volunteers, known as the Crumbs. Together they have sent nearly three million home-baked cookies to servicemen and -women around the world, and the baking continues. Proceeds from the book will go to support Treat the Troops.

Jeanette Cram is a native of Charleston, South Carolina, and a retired registered nurse. A graduate of the former St. Francis Xavier School of Nursing in 1962, she worked at the Medical University of South Carolina, Department of Psychiatry, for a number of years during her nursing career. She also started a volunteer program there, serving from 1972 to 1980, before moving to New Jersey. Since responding in 1990 to a soldier’s letter requesting home-baked cookies, she has become known as The Cookie Lady. Her passion for sending home-baked cookies to deployed soldiers developed into a cause that has attracted hundreds of dedicated bakers, known as the Crumbs, across the nation. Jeanette resides in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina with her furry friends Sady and Lilly.


Treat The Troops was started by Jeanette Cram of Hilton Head Island, SC. “The Cookie Lady” has baked cookies for soldiers on the front line since the Gulf War in 1990 when a letter from a soldier read by then-President George Bush gave her the idea. She loves to bake cookies for the military men and women serving our country, and with help from her friends, known as “Crumbs”,  they are able to bake and send thousands of cookies every year. Her efforts to create this organization have unified people across the United States in support of our troops, rewarding them with a good feeling in their hearts and hundreds of thank you letters from soldiers around the world.

A Message from Jeanette:

Every soldier deserves home-baked cookies, and I wish that I could provide them to all. We will try to fill every request. To you, our soldiers and your families, I offer my heartfelt thank you for your sacrifices and my prayers for your safe return.

- Many heart hugs, The Cookie Lady

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